I was wrong

I was wrong. I had been under the impression that maintaining hygiene standards and taking basic, sensible precautions would be enough to stem the spread of Covid-19. While that still holds true, I'd underestimated how stupid and selfish people are. However, I've come to realise over the last few days that it is difficult to … Continue reading I was wrong

Government meeting

"This virus has spread rapidly. What should we do to prevent it?" "Well, everybody can wash their hands, and not cough, sneeze, or spit on each other. That will contain it." "Absolutely out of the question. Shut down the country."   True story. Humans are disgusting creatures.

Carbon-belching Ghosts

Another upshot of this virus hysteria that has come to light is the last few days is revelation that many carriers are flying empty planes in and out of Europe, since people have cancelled travel plans due to paranoia about what should be an easily-contained pathogen. So instead of grounding the planes that have no … Continue reading Carbon-belching Ghosts

It’s got Nothing to do with Vorsprung Durch Technique, you Know

Having only had a car for a short time living in Dublin, before getting rid of it because driving in the city is utterly pointless, I never really paid any heed to the many signs (such as the one pictured) on the approaches to the city indicating how many spaces there are in various car … Continue reading It’s got Nothing to do with Vorsprung Durch Technique, you Know

Jumpstarting my Road to Damnation

The trail of cookie crumbs my browsing history has been leaving recently has seen some curious advertising stalkers creeping after me. One particularly persistent ad is trying to convince me to attend a 2-day property investment workshop, entitled Jumpstart. This targeted ad is obviously because I have been looking at property online. However, I'm simply … Continue reading Jumpstarting my Road to Damnation

Do you know Brendan Meehan?

For a number of years, a more youthful version of myself worked as a bookseller. It was a job I thoroughly enjoyed, spending the days surrounded by books, and conversing with learned, intelligent people for the most part. Apart from the swamp-dwellers that would surface during December's consumerist frenzy, bookshop clientele are generally pleasant to … Continue reading Do you know Brendan Meehan?