I actually started to write about something else today, but when I logged into my account and moved into my drafts folder, I realised that I had posted 299 entries on this blog. So, here I am now, at 300. Wow. That's a lot of time invested. Bearing in mind that most posts take at … Continue reading 300

Fourteen Nights of Thoughts

Fortnight is a funny word isn't it? While the words we use in English to refer to periods of a single Earth rotation all end in 'day', a period of two weeks derives from a phrase meaning 'fourteen nights'. Still, not as odd as in French, Portuguese, and Spanish, which refer to the same periods … Continue reading Fourteen Nights of Thoughts

Week inside my Head

Welcome to a recap of what's been going on inside my head this last week. Don't worry, you won't need to bring a flashlight on this excursion, as we are not venturing into the inner darker regions. I started the week with an observation of city architecture, and how it is largely designed with motorists … Continue reading Week inside my Head

Weekend thoughts

Another week of lockdown over, and still no real certainty about how much longer it will take. I wrote on Wednesday about this, how the government's lack of transparency in testing and recovery data is leaving all in the dark. Perhaps the Minister for Health Wormtongue Simon Harris reads my blog, as lo and behold … Continue reading Weekend thoughts