Covering their tracks

So my dear friend Taoiseach Leo Varadkar (pictured left, trying to dig his way out of trouble) and his cronies have decided to put the country on full lockdown, with almost total restriction on movement for the next two weeks. Their motives are, superficially at least, to contain the further spread of the corona virus. … Continue reading Covering their tracks

A Viral Message?

This post contains spoilers for a book which came out over 30 years ago, and its (hugely divisive but I liked it) film adaptation released over a decade ago. If you have not read Watchmen, why on Earth not? It's a masterpiece Get to it. You most likely have time on your hands now. Unless … Continue reading A Viral Message?

The Dead Kennedys were Right about Landlords.

My saga with my property agency (parasites) continued this week. Apparently they are claiming I have lived at my current address for just over a year, whereas in actuality it is approaching a depressing five and a half years of lining investor's pockets at my expense. It was the Residential Tenancies Board that informed of … Continue reading The Dead Kennedys were Right about Landlords.

When a broken ankle is worth 13 people

There's a case currently being referred to the Court of Appeal here in Ireland concerning a man who was awarded a sum of €105,000. That's a tidy sum of money. It surely must be a serious case? Was he unlawfully dismissed from his job? Was his half his home accidentally demolished? Did he lose a … Continue reading When a broken ankle is worth 13 people