Holiday Round-up

Today is Ireland's 'May Day'. We have to be awkward and not celebrate this important holiday along with the rest of the world. Not that the world is celebrating this year (the above picture of Moscow is from May Day celebrations last year), but in general, May Day should be a big deal, but is … Continue reading Holiday Round-up

Workers Unite – Now or Never

Happy International Workers' Day to you all. I know this is a holiday in many countries, though it is not in Ireland. Here, most public holidays are moved to Mondays, so the first Monday in May is our equivalent. So we really only have the day of international solidarity approximately once every seven years. Despite … Continue reading Workers Unite – Now or Never

Week inside my Head

Welcome to a recap of what's been going on inside my head this last week. Don't worry, you won't need to bring a flashlight on this excursion, as we are not venturing into the inner darker regions. I started the week with an observation of city architecture, and how it is largely designed with motorists … Continue reading Week inside my Head

Weekend thoughts

Another week of lockdown over, and still no real certainty about how much longer it will take. I wrote on Wednesday about this, how the government's lack of transparency in testing and recovery data is leaving all in the dark. Perhaps the Minister for Health Wormtongue Simon Harris reads my blog, as lo and behold … Continue reading Weekend thoughts

A better future in this?

As the number of cases of the corona virus around the world continues to grow, more and more countries are starting to see immense pressure on their health systems. This is no more evident than in Italy and Spain, where the number of deaths are horrifying. It is worth noting here why these two countries … Continue reading A better future in this?

A Lesson from North Korea

Greetings, comrades. Following on from my recent brief prequel, I'd like to offer up some thoughts on my eye-opening trip to the DPRK. I returned from the trip unscathed; I wasn't imprisoned, tortured, or brainwashed. This may come as a surprise to some, who have an extremely skewed view of North Korea, no doubt influenced … Continue reading A Lesson from North Korea