A Claim and a Confession

I have a confession to make. Well, it's something I have mentioned before on these pages but it has come back into relevance this week. I have, for many years, being paying for private health insurance. That's not something I really want to have to do. Not out of being tight with money, but I … Continue reading A Claim and a Confession

Covering their tracks

So my dear friend Taoiseach Leo Varadkar (pictured left, trying to dig his way out of trouble) and his cronies have decided to put the country on full lockdown, with almost total restriction on movement for the next two weeks. Their motives are, superficially at least, to contain the further spread of the corona virus. … Continue reading Covering their tracks

Nor any Drop to Drink

A few weeks ago, I commented on the privatisation of water services in Ireland in the context of a 'boil-water notice' that had been issued due to incompetence on the part of the company now responsible for supplying the country with clean, safe drinking water. That issue has now resurfaced, and the same areas are … Continue reading Nor any Drop to Drink

Bord of Privatisation

One of the many consequences of the sweeping neoliberal policies of Ireland's current government is that homelessness is now at record numbers. The latest figures published by non-profit organisation¬†Focus Ireland count the number of homeless people as 10,397, while also noting that the number of homeless families has increased by 354% in the five years … Continue reading Bord of Privatisation

Running Water Parasites

Clean water is something that we mostly take for granted in the modern Western World. This assumption is superficial of course, and even parts of supposedly developed nations can have water that is undrinkable. Ireland is no stranger to this, as demonstrated in the D√°il (The lower house of the bicamaral Irish parliament) by independent … Continue reading Running Water Parasites

Infamy, infamy, they all have it infamy

Happy May Day to you and all your comrades! I've spoken before about other holidays and celebrations, and how most of them are either festivals of crass consumerism, are based on something not worthy of commemoration, or are a combination of both. May Day, or International Workers Day, is notable for not being either of … Continue reading Infamy, infamy, they all have it infamy

Nurses striking a chord

While yesterday I wrote about the modern concept of Bullshit Jobs, today I going to start by talking about an area of work that could hardly be further from that, regarding those working as nurses and midwives. Both of these jobs are absolutely worthy of our respect and admiration. They are incredibly demanding and of … Continue reading Nurses striking a chord