An Active Lifestyle

What comes to mind when you hear the word active? Does it have positive or negative connotations for you? Phrases that first spring to mind for me are active lifestyle, active member, and political activism. All positive. However, in the modern parlance, a new phrase has become all too common: active shooter. I had this concept … Continue reading An Active Lifestyle


No Idling Tonight

The best way to scare a Tory is to read and get rich. Words from the most exciting and relevant band to emerge in recent times. I've been hooked on Idles since first being introduced to them a couple of years ago when their debut album burst onto the scene, and their already burgeoning following … Continue reading No Idling Tonight

Cultural Homogeneity

The latest transgression that has come to my attention from the soulless goblins employed in advertising is, this time, not on the tv screen, but plastered on billboards and bus-stops all around the city. I don't know how far this campaign has spread, but ads such as the one picture above have sprung up around … Continue reading Cultural Homogeneity

Infamy, infamy, they all have it infamy

Happy May Day to you and all your comrades! I've spoken before about other holidays and celebrations, and how most of them are either festivals of crass consumerism, are based on something not worthy of commemoration, or are a combination of both. May Day, or International Workers Day, is notable for not being either of … Continue reading Infamy, infamy, they all have it infamy

Christ has Risen! Let’s Celebrate with Some Slavery and Environmental Destruction

The silly holiday weekend has now come to an end. Not that public holidays* themselves are silly, but the reason for this one is a based on a load of mythological claptrap, starting with the death of a Middle-Eastern magician, and ending with his resurrection a couple of days later. At some point after this … Continue reading Christ has Risen! Let’s Celebrate with Some Slavery and Environmental Destruction

Illegitimate State of Ignorant Savages

When picking up the newspaper on Saturday morning, a theme splashed across the tabloid headlines momentarily caught my eye. Most of the rancid redtop were carrying the headline 'Isis Party Girl' or some drivel like that. I skimmed the article about the subject in the actual newspaper (not front page news), and learned that these headlines … Continue reading Illegitimate State of Ignorant Savages