An attempted ousting

Amid everything else going on, this week the elections for the Seanad, the upper house of the Irish legislature, are taking place. Unlike all other forms of election in Ireland, this election is done by postal ballot. Were it an election where voters were required to go to a polling station, it would of course … Continue reading An attempted ousting

Covering their tracks

So my dear friend Taoiseach Leo Varadkar (pictured left, trying to dig his way out of trouble) and his cronies have decided to put the country on full lockdown, with almost total restriction on movement for the next two weeks. Their motives are, superficially at least, to contain the further spread of the corona virus. … Continue reading Covering their tracks

A better future in this?

As the number of cases of the corona virus around the world continues to grow, more and more countries are starting to see immense pressure on their health systems. This is no more evident than in Italy and Spain, where the number of deaths are horrifying. It is worth noting here why these two countries … Continue reading A better future in this?

The Predictable Part of the Aftermath

Writing this late on Monday evening, the election count is almost done. The unexpected surge from Sinn Féin (SF) has completely shaken up the political structure in Ireland, and whatever the outcome may be, this will go down as an historical election. Now that the votes have been (almost entirely) tallied, the focus will shift … Continue reading The Predictable Part of the Aftermath