Infamy, infamy, they all have it infamy

Happy May Day to you and all your comrades! I've spoken before about other holidays and celebrations, and how most of them are either festivals of crass consumerism, are based on something not worthy of commemoration, or are a combination of both. May Day, or International Workers Day, is notable for not being either of … Continue reading Infamy, infamy, they all have it infamy


You Keg Sit

During the ongoing and drawn out political debacle our near neighbours are currently embroiled in, I've noticed a recent shift in the language that has been used to describe the whole thing for the last number of years. We're all long sick of hearing the lazy portmanteau 'Brexit', but it is only in the last … Continue reading You Keg Sit

Illegitimate State of Ignorant Savages

When picking up the newspaper on Saturday morning, a theme splashed across the tabloid headlines momentarily caught my eye. Most the rancid redtop were carrying the headline 'Isis Party Girl' or some drivel like that. I skimmed the article about the subject in the actual newspaper (not front page news), and learned that these headlines were … Continue reading Illegitimate State of Ignorant Savages

The One and Only Working Class

The phrase guilty pleasure pops up a lot when we discuss pop culture. It's an odd phrase, as its intended meaning suggests something that one enjoys, but feels as if they shouldn't. Whether it's a pompous muso secretly liking a Miley Cyrus track, or a cinephile binge-watching the Transformers series, a guilty pleasure supposedly involves enjoyment … Continue reading The One and Only Working Class