A Long Awaited Reply

Some of you may recall that in April I formally approached my landlord (pictured) about my salary being cut and petitioned for a rent reduction. I wasn't anticipating anything of great substance from them, but I did expect some sort of reply. Well, after following up with them no fewer than 13 times, and finally … Continue reading A Long Awaited Reply

Virus Profiteering

It should come as no surprise that we are seeing an abundance of articles these days speculating on how the pandemic is going to affect the economy over the next few years. Here in Ireland in particular, a large focus of this is on property. We are a nation obsessed with land and property, and … Continue reading Virus Profiteering

Who’s Delivering Your Food?

Continuing with my theme of looking for positive outcomes in the post-pandemic world, today I want to talk about employment rights. This is critical right now, seeing as so many people around the world are losing their jobs at least on a temporary basis, and many businesses, like those that rely on people travelling, may … Continue reading Who’s Delivering Your Food?

Jumpstarting my Road to Damnation

The trail of cookie crumbs my browsing history has been leaving recently has seen some curious advertising stalkers creeping after me. One particularly persistent ad is trying to convince me to attend a 2-day property investment workshop, entitled Jumpstart. This targeted ad is obviously because I have been looking at property online. However, I'm simply … Continue reading Jumpstarting my Road to Damnation

The Dead Kennedys were Right about Landlords.

My saga with my property agency (parasites) continued this week. Apparently they are claiming I have lived at my current address for just over a year, whereas in actuality it is approaching a depressing five and a half years of lining investor's pockets at my expense. It was the Residential Tenancies Board that informed of … Continue reading The Dead Kennedys were Right about Landlords.

They’re not even pretending anymore

The above sign is on a terrace in Stoneybatter, close to where I live in Dublin, showing two houses up for sale. Sorry, not two houses. Two investment opportunities. Just look at the language on the sign. Development. Investment. Tenants. Apartments. Nowhere does it mention house or home. I suppose we should appreciate their honesty … Continue reading They’re not even pretending anymore

Bord of Privatisation

One of the many consequences of the sweeping neoliberal policies of Ireland's current government is that homelessness is now at record numbers. The latest figures published by non-profit organisation Focus Ireland count the number of homeless people as 10,397, while also noting that the number of homeless families has increased by 354% in the five years … Continue reading Bord of Privatisation