A New Focus

Another week drags on, a long weekend passes by, people spend it outdoors in the sun, many still wondering when they can get back to work, or when life may regain some semblance of normality again. In Ireland, the hand-wringing continues. A large solidarity demonstration in Dublin raised eyebrows, as thousands marched from O'Connell Street … Continue reading A New Focus

Lost in the Supermarket (again)

A quick observation I made on a trip to the supermarket┬átoday: The supermarket in question, a massive international chain, have just installed doors on all their fridges. Presumably they are rolling this out across all their branches. Now, it has been commonplace since time immemorial for shops to have open fridges, which use more energy … Continue reading Lost in the Supermarket (again)

Time for Disaster Capitalism

Yesterday I mentioned the concept of The Shock Doctrine, a philosophy of taking advantage of disasters - wars, hurricanes, recessions, or pandemics - to further enrich the sliver of the population at the top of the class pyramid at the expense of everybody else. Naomi Klein, in her unrivaled brilliance, covered this in meticulously researched … Continue reading Time for Disaster Capitalism

Week inside my Head

Welcome to a recap of what's been going on inside my head this last week. Don't worry, you won't need to bring a flashlight on this excursion, as we are not venturing into the inner darker regions. I started the week with an observation of city architecture, and how it is largely designed with motorists … Continue reading Week inside my Head