Christ has Risen! Let’s Celebrate with Some Slavery and Environmental Destruction

The silly holiday weekend has now come to an end. Not that public holidays* themselves are silly, but the reason for this one is a based on a load of mythological claptrap, starting with the death of a Middle-Eastern magician, and ending with his resurrection a couple of days later. At some point after this … Continue reading Christ has Risen! Let’s Celebrate with Some Slavery and Environmental Destruction


Let it Burn – It’s Cheaper

I started the notes for this piece last week. It might appear timely considering the deeply saddening events in Paris earlier this week, but it is purely coincidental. The more mundane reason that the topic of fire has been on my mind is because I recently went through fire safety training at work (again). While … Continue reading Let it Burn – It’s Cheaper

Not currently recycled – nor cared about

Shopping in supermarkets is a minefield. Not only do we have to dodge around vacillating idiots dragging their baskets as if heaving a bodybag behind them, but then trying to actually shop ethically is another palaver. Having a long list of criteria to which I try to adhere puts strain on this weekly endeavour, and … Continue reading Not currently recycled – nor cared about

Darwin award, or financial reward?

I wrote recently about insurance, and how it is frequently unhelpful, and in effect, another way of squeezing money from the general population to rich investors. Car insurance is arbitrarily high, largely because it is (rightly) mandatory. Health insurance is extremely expensive, but also a necessity for many, as out national health service is, deliberately, … Continue reading Darwin award, or financial reward?