Virgin on the Ridiculous

The myth that perpetuates capitalism is that 'anybody can be fabulously rich if they work hard enough'. This is often known as The American Dream - seeing that the US is the flagship of the rampaging capitalist fleet. This myth falls down upon the even most cursory of examination, as it is evidence that the … Continue reading Virgin on the Ridiculous

I was wrong

I was wrong. I had been under the impression that maintaining hygiene standards and taking basic, sensible precautions would be enough to stem the spread of Covid-19. While that still holds true, I'd underestimated how stupid and selfish people are. However, I've come to realise over the last few days that it is difficult to … Continue reading I was wrong

When a broken ankle is worth 13 people

There's a case currently being referred to the Court of Appeal here in Ireland concerning a man who was awarded a sum of €105,000. That's a tidy sum of money. It surely must be a serious case? Was he unlawfully dismissed from his job? Was his half his home accidentally demolished? Did he lose a … Continue reading When a broken ankle is worth 13 people

‘Infuriating’ Behaviour

As I'm sure most of you are aware, last Friday saw worldwide protest marches highlighting the incredibly urgent need for action to be taken against the impending destruction of the environment. These marches were led by schoolchildren striking; abandoning their classes to take to the streets to demand action from their respective governments. These strikes, … Continue reading ‘Infuriating’ Behaviour

First Signs of Summer – First Signs of Inconsiderate Pricks

I took a stroll at lunchtime yesterday, as I often do on a Thursday, Thursday is the day when there is a little food market in the park beside where I work. During the winter a few stalwarts set up their stalls on a weekly basis, but as summer approaches the market expands greatly. Yesterday … Continue reading First Signs of Summer – First Signs of Inconsiderate Pricks