Who’s Delivering Your Food?

Continuing with my theme of looking for positive outcomes in the post-pandemic world, today I want to talk about employment rights. This is critical right now, seeing as so many people around the world are losing their jobs at least on a temporary basis, and many businesses, like those that rely on people travelling, may … Continue reading Who’s Delivering Your Food?

A better future in this?

As the number of cases of the corona virus around the world continues to grow, more and more countries are starting to see immense pressure on their health systems. This is no more evident than in Italy and Spain, where the number of deaths are horrifying. It is worth noting here why these two countries … Continue reading A better future in this?

It’s got Nothing to do with Vorsprung Durch Technique, you Know

Having only had a car for a short time living in Dublin, before getting rid of it because driving in the city is utterly pointless, I never really paid any heed to the many signs (such as the one pictured) on the approaches to the city indicating how many spaces there are in various car … Continue reading It’s got Nothing to do with Vorsprung Durch Technique, you Know

Can We Have Our Samhain Back?

And so the day is finally upon us. After weeks of houses and business premises draped in orange and black and artificial cobwebs, Halloween itself is finally here. So today is the day where everyday folk walk around the city dressed in ghostly regalia and splattered with (hopefully) fake blood, in ostensible commemoration of the … Continue reading Can We Have Our Samhain Back?