It’s got Nothing to do with Vorsprung Durch Technique, you Know

Having only had a car for a short time living in Dublin, before getting rid of it because driving in the city is utterly pointless, I never really paid any heed to the many signs (such as the one pictured) on the approaches to the city indicating how many spaces there are in various car … Continue reading It’s got Nothing to do with Vorsprung Durch Technique, you Know

The Urge to Breathe

A few months ago when visiting Beijing, I was fortunate enough to be in the city for a couple of days when the air was clear, and was treated to sunshine and blue skies as I explored the city. Of course this is not the norm in Beijing, as it is one of the most … Continue reading The Urge to Breathe

Nor any Drop to Drink

A few weeks ago, I commented on the privatisation of water services in Ireland in the context of a 'boil-water notice' that had been issued due to incompetence on the part of the company now responsible for supplying the country with clean, safe drinking water. That issue has now resurfaced, and the same areas are … Continue reading Nor any Drop to Drink

Multiple Pet-hates Under One Umbrella

Dear readers, today you get something of a two-for-one special. Because of the recent spell of wet weather, more and more miserable damp souls are traipsing around the city, holding their personal rain-concentrators aloft in a futile bid to stave off the mere droplets of harmless dihydrogen monoxide. I remain unperturbed by water, and generally … Continue reading Multiple Pet-hates Under One Umbrella