A Long Awaited Reply

Some of you may recall that in April I formally approached my landlord (pictured) about my salary being cut and petitioned for a rent reduction. I wasn't anticipating anything of great substance from them, but I did expect some sort of reply. Well, after following up with them no fewer than 13 times, and finally … Continue reading A Long Awaited Reply

Virgin on the Ridiculous

The myth that perpetuates capitalism is that 'anybody can be fabulously rich if they work hard enough'. This is often known as The American Dream - seeing that the US is the flagship of the rampaging capitalist fleet. This myth falls down upon the even most cursory of examination, as it is evidence that the … Continue reading Virgin on the Ridiculous

The Blind Eye

What happens when our rampantly voracious appetite for consumption is suddenly put on hold? Well, the current pandemic has already seen countless tonnes of fresh vegetables and other foodstuffs dumped in order to prevent oversupply and keep the prices up. In Canada, dairy farmers were advised to up their production of bovine growth stimulant one … Continue reading The Blind Eye

Fourteen Nights of Thoughts

Fortnight is a funny word isn't it? While the words we use in English to refer to periods of a single Earth rotation all end in 'day', a period of two weeks derives from a phrase meaning 'fourteen nights'. Still, not as odd as in French, Portuguese, and Spanish, which refer to the same periods … Continue reading Fourteen Nights of Thoughts

Prepare for the Shockwave

The latest rumblings to emerge from Washington this week revolve around the administration's consideration of proposals, following suggestions from right-wing think-tanks the Hoover Institute and the American Enterprise Institute, that those facing poverty due to the pandemic be given a once-off cash injection, but at the cost of sacrificing social security protections and benefits in … Continue reading Prepare for the Shockwave

Papa John’s Cultural Centre

Signage like that in the picture above is dotted around Galway City. These dark brown street signs mostly indicate a location of historical or cultural significance. Which is why I was mildly amused to recently notice this particular one pointing visitors to the nearest branch of a local fast food restaurant. Some (not I) might … Continue reading Papa John’s Cultural Centre