The Golfers of Caerbannog

Though we are still living in a very restricted society in terms of work, travel, and recreation, one thing that has already returned to normal is golf. While most sporting activities are still out of the question, the good-walk-spoiled around a manicured swathe of former countryside has been permitted once again for the last couple … Continue reading The Golfers of Caerbannog

The Blind Eye

What happens when our rampantly voracious appetite for consumption is suddenly put on hold? Well, the current pandemic has already seen countless tonnes of fresh vegetables and other foodstuffs dumped in order to prevent oversupply and keep the prices up. In Canada, dairy farmers were advised to up their production of bovine growth stimulant one … Continue reading The Blind Eye

Hunt the hunters

I have mentioned a number of times the hazards encountered while cycling on the streets here. Commuting by bike requires great alertness and quick reactions. The same goes outside of the cities, where traffic is less dense but there are more drivers speeding on narrow, windy roads, more drunk drivers, and ever-poorer surfaces. However, there … Continue reading Hunt the hunters