The Illusion of Sophistication

Generally when I write about advertising, it's as a reaction to either how annoying or sinister ads can be. Some even a combination of both. This time however, I'll simple mention how misleading they can be. The fact that ads lie to us and try to sell us an idea of perfection should be of no … Continue reading The Illusion of Sophistication


Cultural Homogeneity

The latest transgression that has come to my attention from the soulless goblins employed in advertising is, this time, not on the tv screen, but plastered on billboards and bus-stops all around the city. I don't know how far this campaign has spread, but ads such as the one picture above have sprung up around … Continue reading Cultural Homogeneity

Just Google it – By Jove!

Another week, another irritating tv ad, with another horrible message. This one is for a broadband provider, and features a father and daughter at home (with some creepy home invader in the background). The kid asks the father how many moons Jupiter has. And everything goes downhill from there. Now I'm not saying that he should … Continue reading Just Google it – By Jove!

Coke Adds Life Where There isn’t Any

"I get my advice from the advertising world Treat me nice says the party girl Coke adds life where there isn't any So freeze." Thus wrote the late great Joe Strummer in 1979 as part of The Clash's magnum opus London Calling, which I am revisiting now as I write this piece. Certainly a Desert … Continue reading Coke Adds Life Where There isn’t Any