Jumpstarting my Road to Damnation

The trail of cookie crumbs my browsing history has been leaving recently has seen some curious advertising stalkers creeping after me. One particularly persistent ad is trying to convince me to attend a 2-day property investment workshop, entitled Jumpstart. This targeted ad is obviously because I have been looking at property online. However, I'm simply … Continue reading Jumpstarting my Road to Damnation

Rage Against the Sponsors

For a few microseconds earlier this week, I was incredibly excited to hear that one of my all time favourite bands, if not my absolute favourite, were to return Ireland for the first time in ten years. I had only once had the pleasure of seeing Rage Against the Machine, and it ranks as one … Continue reading Rage Against the Sponsors

Bord of Privatisation

One of the many consequences of the sweeping neoliberal policies of Ireland's current government is that homelessness is now at record numbers. The latest figures published by non-profit organisation Focus Ireland count the number of homeless people as 10,397, while also noting that the number of homeless families has increased by 354% in the five years … Continue reading Bord of Privatisation

Cultural Homogeneity

The latest transgression that has come to my attention from the soulless goblins employed in advertising is, this time, not on the tv screen, but plastered on billboards and bus-stops all around the city. I don't know how far this campaign has spread, but ads such as the one picture above have sprung up around … Continue reading Cultural Homogeneity

Just Google it – By Jove!

Another week, another irritating tv ad, with another horrible message. This one is for a broadband provider, and features a father and daughter at home (with some creepy home invader in the background). The kid asks the father how many moons Jupiter has. And everything goes downhill from there. Now I'm not saying that he should … Continue reading Just Google it – By Jove!

Coke Adds Life Where There isn’t Any

"I get my advice from the advertising world Treat me nice says the party girl Coke adds life where there isn't any So freeze." Thus wrote the late great Joe Strummer in 1979 as part of The Clash's magnum opus London Calling, which I am revisiting now as I write this piece. Certainly a Desert … Continue reading Coke Adds Life Where There isn’t Any