The Badgers’ Arse

The picture you see above was taken from the highest point in Galway city, an area known as Tonabrocky. I think technically the top of this hill may be just outside the city limits, but it's close enough. You'll certainly pass the highest point in the city limits as you climb the hill from the … Continue reading The Badgers’ Arse

Lost in the Supermarket (again)

A quick observation I made on a trip to the supermarket┬átoday: The supermarket in question, a massive international chain, have just installed doors on all their fridges. Presumably they are rolling this out across all their branches. Now, it has been commonplace since time immemorial for shops to have open fridges, which use more energy … Continue reading Lost in the Supermarket (again)

The Blind Eye

What happens when our rampantly voracious appetite for consumption is suddenly put on hold? Well, the current pandemic has already seen countless tonnes of fresh vegetables and other foodstuffs dumped in order to prevent oversupply and keep the prices up. In Canada, dairy farmers were advised to up their production of bovine growth stimulant one … Continue reading The Blind Eye

Fourteen Nights of Thoughts

Fortnight is a funny word isn't it? While the words we use in English to refer to periods of a single Earth rotation all end in 'day', a period of two weeks derives from a phrase meaning 'fourteen nights'. Still, not as odd as in French, Portuguese, and Spanish, which refer to the same periods … Continue reading Fourteen Nights of Thoughts