A Long Awaited Reply

Some of you may recall that in April I formally approached my landlord (pictured) about my salary being cut and petitioned for a rent reduction. I wasn't anticipating anything of great substance from them, but I did expect some sort of reply. Well, after following up with them no fewer than 13 times, and finally … Continue reading A Long Awaited Reply


I actually started to write about something else today, but when I logged into my account and moved into my drafts folder, I realised that I had posted 299 entries on this blog. So, here I am now, at 300. Wow. That's a lot of time invested. Bearing in mind that most posts take at … Continue reading 300

Penneys For Your Thoughtlessness

So last week most retail outlets in Ireland reopened. There was more wailing and gnashing of teeth as droves of consumer-zombies queued around the block to get into Penneys [sic]. Images and videos of this spread across mainstream and unsocial media, as people complained about the irresponsibility of those gathering in large numbers. That's not … Continue reading Penneys For Your Thoughtlessness

Virgin on the Ridiculous

The myth that perpetuates capitalism is that 'anybody can be fabulously rich if they work hard enough'. This is often known as The American Dream - seeing that the US is the flagship of the rampaging capitalist fleet. This myth falls down upon the even most cursory of examination, as it is evidence that the … Continue reading Virgin on the Ridiculous