The Hallowness of Modern Life

A short observation: On Sunday last, October 13th, I saw for the first town this year a house festooned in Halloween decorations. 18 days before the actual event. Since then, I have seen a few more mushrooming up around where I live. Even yesterday, when I went for something to eat after work, the restaurant … Continue reading The Hallowness of Modern Life


Multiple Pet-hates Under One Umbrella

Dear readers, today you get something of a two-for-one special. Because of the recent spell of wet weather, more and more miserable damp souls are traipsing around the city, holding their personal rain-concentrators aloft in a futile bid to stave off the mere droplets of harmless dihydrogen monoxide. I remain unperturbed by water, and generally … Continue reading Multiple Pet-hates Under One Umbrella

When a broken ankle is worth 13 people

There's a case currently being referred to the Court of Appeal here in Ireland concerning a man who was awarded a sum of €105,000. That's a tidy sum of money. It surely must be a serious case? Was he unlawfully dismissed from his job? Was his half his home accidentally demolished? Did he lose a … Continue reading When a broken ankle is worth 13 people

An Alternative Take on Economic Vandalism

The Irish Times have once again elected not to publish a letter from me taking one of their writers to task. However, dear reader, what is their loss is your gain. In response to this article, here is my missive: A chara, Mark Paul's assertion, in Friday September 27th's Business This Week, that blocking new … Continue reading An Alternative Take on Economic Vandalism

‘Infuriating’ Behaviour

As I'm sure most of you are aware, last Friday saw worldwide protest marches highlighting the incredibly urgent need for action to be taken against the impending destruction of the environment. These marches were led by schoolchildren striking; abandoning their classes to take to the streets to demand action from their respective governments. These strikes, … Continue reading ‘Infuriating’ Behaviour