Filthy, Rancid Humans

Despite not being overly fond of teeming masses of humanity, I am still a big advocate of public transport. I am all for banning cars from cities entirely. The benefits for the environment and for people's health (including stress levels) are obvious. The number of cars in the world should be restricted, but of course … Continue reading Filthy, Rancid Humans


More than a Lidl Wasteful

On my latest trip to my local Lidl*, I noticed some superficial changes to the supermarket. Firstly that they had placed separate bins by the door for different recyclable materials, so that people who haven't a clue can randomly dump the wrong type of packaging into each bin, along with organic waste and contaminate the … Continue reading More than a Lidl Wasteful

The Importance of Being Earnestly Named

Would you go see a band called Alien Weaponry, purely out of curiosity regarding their name alone? The band in question are playing Dublin next week, and I have been contemplating going. They have been getting a lot of attention recently, despite the awful name. They are a three-piece metal outfit from New Zealand, comprising … Continue reading The Importance of Being Earnestly Named

Imagine taking holidays when there’s money to be made?

While I was committing my recent anxieties to print yesterday, I did mention that I would have something positive to focus on today, and so to try to offset my general bleak negativity just a fraction, here's something that warmed the quadcameral pumping mechanism in my thoracic cavity. A few months before I actually travelled … Continue reading Imagine taking holidays when there’s money to be made?

Infamy, infamy, they all have it infamy

Happy May Day to you and all your comrades! I've spoken before about other holidays and celebrations, and how most of them are either festivals of crass consumerism, are based on something not worthy of commemoration, or are a combination of both. May Day, or International Workers Day, is notable for not being either of … Continue reading Infamy, infamy, they all have it infamy