A Long Awaited Reply

Some of you may recall that in April I formally approached my landlord (pictured) about my salary being cut and petitioned for a rent reduction. I wasn’t anticipating anything of great substance from them, but I did expect some sort of reply. Well, after following up with them no fewer than 13 times, and finally threatening to suspend my rent standing order, they finally addressed my enquiry. Unsurprisingly, they are not offering me a reduction in rent.

It took 14 emails, forms re-sent to three different people, and several vague promises of a mythical ‘manager’ who would get back to me, for them to finally give me an answer. This is after their initial suggestion that I ask the state for money so that I can give it to them, as I outlined in the linked piece above.

So in the end, the manager, who had been ‘out of office’ in May and was apparently going to get back to me on his return on the 2nd of June, did finally write to me on June 12th (after more mails from me) asking ‘How can I help?’ It was like going back to square one. I did resubmit everyhing to him, and two and a half weeks of silence followed. Only after my threat did he finally get back to me, the day before rent is due again, suggesting I could defer part of my rent and pay back the difference when my work returned to full-time hours. This unsatisfactory but preditable outcome took a mere nine weeks.

I’m not in any sort of impecunious state, but I felt that on principle, if I was having a paycut, like so much of the country and indeed world are, then the landlords could do so too. But no, they are protected by law. If I was to pay less, I would be receiving an eviction notice on July 20th (I confirmed this with Threshold – a housing NGO). The deck is stacked in their favour. But at least in the end, I was finally able to send my barbed reply, as follows:


Dear *******,
Thank you for the eventual reply. I had hoped that after a tenancy of almost six years and tens of thousands of euro paid, the largest landlord in the state would be able to afford to offer me something other than a deferral. It is not as if my salary is going to increase above its normal level when things return to normal. 
Nevertheless, thank you for finally clarifying your position. I hope your shareholders are not suffering too much during these times.
Furious D