I actually started to write about something else today, but when I logged into my account and moved into my drafts folder, I realised that I had posted 299 entries on this blog. So, here I am now, at 300.

Wow. That’s a lot of time invested. Bearing in mind that most posts take at least an hour, and some much longer between notes, drafting, badly-proofreading, and editing. Adding in responding to comments etc, I’m sure I’ve spent at least 500 hours on this.

Shit. In that time, I could have learned a new language from scratch. Could have read another 100-odd books. Watched 250 movies. Got properly fit. Learned another music instrument. Or more honestly, learned how to play one properly to start with.

Was it worth it? Well, writing certainly helps with stress relief. I do have a lot to get off my chest. Exercise helps too but I guess the combination of both has kept me somewhat calmer over the last couple of years (first post being July 28th 2018).  Having said that, I have sometimes put pressure on myself to write, even when very busy with other things. Writing itself was not meant to be one of those things that added to stress levels. In recent weeks I haven’t written all that much, as I have been somewhat occupied with other endeavours, but have stopped fretting if I haven’t written in a few days.

So, though I may not always be as prolific as I have been from time to time, I still enjoy sitting down to write when I get a few moments to do so. Still waiting to be picked up by a publisher though.

What would you do with 500 hours to spend however you wished?

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