A Viral Message?

This post contains spoilers for a book which came out over 30 years ago, and its (hugely divisive but I liked it) film adaptation released over a decade ago. If you have not read Watchmen, why on Earth not? It’s a masterpiece Get to it. You most likely have time on your hands now. Unless you are a medical worker or in the emergency or other essential services. If so, you’re probably not reading this either… keep up the heroic work if you are though!

Anyway, a thought struck me today. This pandemic is a health threat to pretty much the entire world. No matter your nationality, location, career, social status, or background, we are all affected in some way. So it could be viewed as a threat to all of humanity. So an optimist might view this as a unique opportunity for humankind to put aside prejudices and fear, and band together for a common cause. I suppose it could happen. In theory. Highly unlikely with racist assholes in high office but we never know.

Of course this is not the only threat to us. A far more serious one to us all has been building for decades. The virus will pass in a few weeks or months. But we are still hurtling towards environmental oblivion. A difference between the pandemic and climate change is that the pandemic is not longer being ignored. Climate change is. And by the time this pandemic is contained, we’ll have less than 9 years left to save the environment.

But in indulging the fantasy that the health crisis may lead to much greater international cooperation, I couldn’t help but think about the reveal in Watchmen, when the mystery antagonist is uncovered, to unleash an other-wordly existential threat on mankind, with the goal of ending the Cold War and unite humanity against common perils.

So, was the virus released by Adrian Veidt?

Or maybe being cooped up so much is really getting to me…


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