Brief election thoughts

I spent the entire day following the coverage yesterday. It was enthralling. A few quick points I noticed:

  • Éamon Ó’Cuív (FF) doesn’t know how many seats there are in his own constituency.
  • Paul Murphy (SOL-PBP) has become a much more polished and eloquent speaker. He looked right at home in front of the cameras, where in the past he hadn’t. Kudos to him. Maybe the next time he’s ambushed by that snake Ryan Tubridy he’ll give as good as he gets.
  • Regina Doherty (FG) didn’t even show up at the count centre. What a pissy sore loser. Ha.
  • Eoghan Murphy (FG – outgoing Minister for Housing) is a bald face liar. He had the brazenness to claim that rent has come down. An utterly blatant untruth flying in the face of all those trapped in spiraling rent cycles, and running the risk of losing their homes. The fact that he was the Minister for Housing makes this even more galling.
  • He also used his interview to snipe at Sinn Féin, making allusions to shadowy figures in dark rooms. Another sore loser.
  • Chris Hazzard, Sinn Féin MP for South Down, has a greater knowledge of the minutae of politics in the Republic than most of the representatives here.
  • The Healy-Raes keep their seats in Kerry (one confirmed and one a show-in in the next count), proving that this is not entirely a new day for the country. God fearing, anti-choice, climate-change deniers are still getting a platform in the Oireachtas*
  • Cork South-West (also know as West Cawrk) voted for Independent Michael Collins in the first count. Is this a sort of apology for them assassinating the original Michael Collins?



*The Irish houses of parliament

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