The Dead Kennedys were Right about Landlords.

My saga with my property agency (parasites) continued this week. Apparently they are claiming I have lived at my current address for just over a year, whereas in actuality it is approaching a depressing five and a half years of lining investor’s pockets at my expense.

It was the Residential Tenancies Board that informed of this oddity, so I’ve taken it upon myself to dig deeper. I’ll let you know how this goes as we proceed further down the rabbit hole.

To whom it concerns,

I am writing with regard to a letter I received this week from your office, with the RT number quoted in the subject. I am confused by this, as I already had been sent a Tenancy Registration, with RT number [redacted], in a letter dated 10/11/2015. I am concerned about this latest correspondence, particularly regarding the following quote therein:

“I wish to inform you that your landlord has registered your tenancy which commenced on 04/01/2019 with the RTB.”

This date is very much erroneous, as I have been living at this address, with the same landlord, since 16/09/2014. Could you clarify for me what records you have of my tenancy? I imagine any errors are with the property agency I rent from (IRES REIT), as they are incompetent at best and unscrupulous at worst. It does worry me that they are claiming my tenancy only started last year; as this would mean that were they to attempt to end my tenancy under a flimsy ‘renovation’ facade or something similar, this would mean they would be giving very little notice of the termination. 

I do have documentation to prove that I have been living at the address pertaining to the aforementioned RT Number(s) since 2014. However, with this message I would like to preempt any underhandedness from my landlord. This is of course the same property agency that once attempted to increase my rent three times in a single calendar year. 

Could you kindly clarify for me what records you have, and advise on anything I need to do to follow this up?

Yours faithfully,

Furious D

And for your listening pleasure, Jello and the lads.

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