Able I was ere I … didn’t care

I’ve recently been inundated with ads (on free apps that I use) for a company providing a delivery service for their ‘healthy’ snack food. Food delivery services are not something I am in the habit of availing of. While they are convenient, they are incredibly wasteful; they generate a whole lot of unnecessary packaging to simply save us from the effort of preparing our own food. Not to mention the exploitation of workers for services such as Deliveroo etc.

So I contacted the company in question (who’s name I’m not going to mention because I’m not giving them free advertising) to chastise them for the massive amount of packing they use. They essentially send four plastic boxes inside a larger cardboard box, all for a handful of granola and dried fruit. They replied with a rather typical corporate PR response, about how they use energy from a Scottish windfarm and how their packaging is recyclable. [emphasis mine]

This is a pattern I have noticed recently. While there has been an upsurge in environmental awareness, the response from big business has been little more than lip service. They continue to use massive amounts of packaging for our convenience, and their only acknowledgement is to suggest that we, the customer, recycle it. The picture above is from a Coca Cola bottle. Their environmental policy is to print that message on the bottle cap, while continuing to produce 200,000 plastic bottles per minute. Not to mention all their other corporate skulduggery.

Recycling should be the last resort. In order to combat the sickening amount of solid pollution we generate we need to reduce, not recycle. Convenience food like that from takeaways or delivery services has to stop. As does the completely superfluous packing on ‘treats’ for slobs, such as that on Easter eggs and Christmas selection boxes etc.

So I wrote back to the company exhorting them to reduce the volume of their package. I doesn’t matter if it is recyclABLE. That just shifts the onus onto the customer, many of whom either haven’t a clue about the environmental impact they have, or couldn’t care less. Only a third of plastic used in the EU is even recycled. Again, their reply what a cut-and-paste corporate response about how they do care about the environment. In my latest riposte, now 5 days ago, I asked them if, like their electricity, their mangoes and pineapples also come from Scotland, and to explain how this is sustainable.

They have yet to address this last message. Surprise surprise.

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