First Signs of Summer – First Signs of Inconsiderate Pricks

I took a stroll at lunchtime yesterday, as I often do on a Thursday, Thursday is the day when there is a little food market in the park beside where I work. During the winter a few stalwarts set up their stalls on a weekly basis, but as summer approaches the market expands greatly. Yesterday was the first day where, despite the grey skies, the summer vibe could be sensed. There were far more traders, spread over a larger area, and there was a buzz of people around. Some getting food and bringing it back to their workplace I suppose, but so many stayed out around the park, enjoying their lunch on the mild spring day, sitting on benches, tree stumps, and on the grass itself.

I got my falafel from the chap from Bethlehem, as he excitedly told me that he wouldn’t be around next week, as he was going home to Palestine for a few days. I decided not to sour the moment by bringing up the reelection of the maniac Netenyahu, and instead wished him a pleasant trip, giving my regards to the family back home.

So I sat on an old dried-out fallen tree, and had my lunch there. Taking in the fresh air, watching the world go by, listening to the sounds of the city – the traffic and other hubbub buffered by the surrounding trees and bushes – and thinking about how much nicer this was than having a sandwich at my desk.

A little later, refreshed and replete, I got up and started to make my way back to work. As I was doing so, the pleasant illusion I had been experiencing quickly dissolved, as I came upon the scene in the picture above. Then I remembered, this is what happens when Irish people are let outdoors at the slightest hint of a fine day. They are unleashed on the world, each one eager to display how much of a selfish, inconsiderate, disrespectful, disgusting pig they are. Bad enough that people create so much waste, they don’t even have the courtesy to put it into the bin. They just fire it somewhere in the general vicinity, and expect someone else to come along and clean up after them. What sort of ignorant, entitled pricks are these people?

Probably the same people who destroy Portobello every fine day during the summer, as was much publicised last May. Below are before and after pictures of what happens when these pieces of shit go outside ‘to enjoy themselves’ on a fine day.

I used to pass that part of town on my cycle to work before my job moved premises. As well as all the rubbish, there would be broken glass all over the road and cycle lanes around there too. The people responsible for all this make me fucking sick. There is no excuse. Take your rubbish away with you. Recycle it. Or at the very least, bin it. Not ideal in the grand scheme of things, but better than throwing it away on the street or in the park, or into the canal itself.


I was no stranger to going outdoors with a bag of cans in my day, but I never left my rubbish behind like that, nor did my boozing buddies. I struggle to understand what sort of mentality would condone that. What are these people’s homes like? Do they drop all their rubbish on the floor, and wade around in it knee-deep? Or are they spoilt cunts who grew up having someone constantly cleaning up after them? They should have their fucking noses rubbed in the rubbish they leave in the park, or get thrown into the canal after the cans and bottles they dumped in there.

So my lunch-hour went from an uncharacteristic period of placidness to induced rage stemming from the behaviour of despicable cunts. Back to normal for me then.

And the fine weather hasn’t even really begun. This is going to get a whole lot worse in the coming months.

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