MMXIX – New Year’s Irresolution

Good morning, have you missed me?

It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything, though I have used some of that time to write a little. So fresh ideas and complaints are lined up to be soon released onto the unsuspecting public – and the suspecting public, that is to say you, my erudite regular readers.

I don’t put much store in the January 1st New Year, as I see the Winter Solstice as the end of the year. However, our modern Gregorian calendar now tells me that we are almost two weeks into 2019, in the Common Era designation, and so everything has reset. Including this blog service I use, so the statistical nerd that I am can excitedly pore over the numbers from last year. There were 5207 visitors to the site, and 8008 views in total. Thank you. Some of you individually account for many of those visits and views, so thanks for coming back.

Reflecting over everything I wrote last year, there were a few common themes. Stupid people displaying annoying behaviour is an overarching theme of course. I did write a lot about the housing crisis in Ireland, and will continue to do so as long as there is one. Few things make me so angry. Advertising was another recurring theme, as we continue to be brainwashed into being good little consumers. On a more upbeat note, I had a number of posts about music. Unsurprisingly I suppose. Music has been pretty much my number one hobby for close to 30 years now, and certainly my most consistent passion. A full post on this is coming soon.

The season of crass commercialism felt my wrath in a whole series of posts; for all the good that did. There’s still a C*******s tree-shaped light display up in the square near where I live, though admittedly the lights are off. But shouldn’t that be long gone by now? It and other such eyesores have been befouling our public spaces for months now.

The Pope also came under scrutiny in a trilogy of pieces. I’m not altogether sure I’ve caused him to lose any sleep however.

There was a lot of reaction to my two posts reflecting on giving up alcohol over a year ago. That reaction warmed my cold, black heart, so thank you. I haven’t written much about really personal stuff, so had been a bit trepidatious about posting those, but I had no regrets once I did so.

Finally, and topically, considering the latest meningitis outbreak, my most read post since I started was that on vaccine ignorance. Sadly, this issue seems to be getting worse. Ignorance in general in fact.

So, that’s a brief precis on the story so far. What about the future? It’s the ‘new year’, have I made any resolutions?


Well, not any new year resolutions anyway. I don’t think we need this arbitrary time-frame to decide to make changes to better ourselves. I always have ambitions and new ideas. Notions, some would say. Starting this blog was one. It was a while before I got round to it, but it wasn’t an idea I simply had on January 1st last year. And the plans I am making for the coming months don’t come off the back of the changing of the calendar. I believe we should all constantly strive to better ourselves, to learn, to broaden our minds. That is a never-ending process. But a rewarding one. My simple, broad resolution involves doing so. I’m going to read more in general, learn more about languages, get fitter, run farther, go to more gigs, discover new bands, be more of an activist, and try to be more patient with idiots. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I’m going to be writing less about them.

Slightly more positive than our beloved Beckett‘s telegram reply when asked for his New Year’s resolution by The Times in 1984:


I like to think he shared my cynicism about the calendar.

But, for what it’s worth: a happy, interesting, and productive 12 months to you all.

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