A Peaceful Interlude

Very occasionally, a day goes by where I don’t get annoyed about anything. Yesterday was one of those rare days. Maybe I was coming down with something, or was there something in my tea yesterday? Or maybe this combination of writing, exercise, and clean living is actually having the desired effect of making me a calmer person. Perhaps I was a little tired, but when I sat down last night to finish one of the number of drafts that I have on the go, I didn’t feel as agitated by any of the topics in question as I did when I had started writing them. Don’t worry, those feelings of agitation won’t be gone for long, and I will be venting about them soon.

I even had an encounter with a scientologist* yesterday. The second such encounter in a week. And it didn’t even piss me off. I just thought about how pathetic and stupid those people are. Maybe I should feel some sympathy for people duped into the pyramid scheme, but in this case I didn’t feel anything. I firmly told her I had no interest in what she was (indirectly) peddling, and engaged no further.

Even watching and reading the news, including interviews with US Republican idiots, didn’t anger me as much as it would normally. I deliberately scoured news sites, as if I was searching for something to piss me off, and didn’t find anything. Or should I saw I read plenty that would normally get to me, but yesterday I was more placid and philosophical about everything. Surely this won’t last, but this moment of calm was as pleasant as it was unfamiliar. As long at is doesn’t lead to complacency, I’ll go with it for a little while. After all, with the way the world is, if we are not raging about it, then there is something wrong with us. Anger is a gift, and also a duty.

As always, thanks for reading. No doubt that angry me will be back tomorrow.

*my spellchecker doesn’t recognise scientologist. It is a load of made-up nonsense, so doesn’t deserve a dictionary entry, nor will I dignify it with an upper case ‘s’.

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