Take a seat

As many meander through city life, lost in their phones oblivious to the world around them, basic manners and etiquette are lost on them. Anyone who has ever work in retail or in the hospitality industry can tell you how disgusting and rude people can be. That topic is for another time though, and in today’s quick piece I just want to mention one particular type of rudeness we frequently encounter in busy places like city centres at the weekend.

How often have you been in a café that doesn’t have table service, waiting patiently at the counter to order, with an eye on a free table, only to see somebody come straight in, and nick the table before going up to order? Planking down all the bags of crap they have bought on their zombie-like hoarding quest around the city centre, not having the manners or awareness to actually realise that us people with social etiquette had arrived before them, and are ordering before we sit down. In busy spots with a high turnover, like airport cafés for example, taking over a table before ordering means that table is taken up for much longer by one person or group of people, and throws a spanner into the smooth running of the place. And it is fucking rude too.

Ok, I have yet to actually go and move somebody’s bags away and take the table. I’m sure I will snap at some point and do so. I used to to that in the university library back in the day, when somebody left books/notes somewhere to hold their place, and didn’t come back for ages. I needed that spot to study, I was taking it.

Anyway, in an ideal world, people would have manners and patience. Come in. Order your coffee/food. Sit down. Eat/drink. Move on. The world doesn’t revolve around you, so show some respect for others.

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