Ads everywhere

These days, we seem to be close to living in a Minority Report-like society, where ads surrounded us everywhere. TV is of course full of them, as is the web. I am using the free version of this blogging site, so apologies that sometimes when you click on one of my posts an ad appears. Thanks for persevering though and continuing to read. This is a hobby, not a career so I haven’t bought my own domain.. yet..

But anyway, when we walk down the street, we are bombarded by ads from shop windows, sandwich boards and bus shelters (both blocking space on the path of course), billboards, busses etc. Not to mention all the people who pay money to wear advertisements. And then we can’t even take a piss in peace, because ads are all over public toilets too.

Things went to the next level this week though. As you may have heard, a horse racing meeting paid, and were granted permission, to project images onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House to promote their circus of death. I have never been to Sydney, but like most of you I assume, I regard this building as a stunning piece of architecture, truly unique and iconic. I think it’s beyond a shame that it has been turned into a billboard, with the backing of a classless, backward prime minister, Scott Morrison. And to promote horse racing of all things. A cruel plaything of the elite, which I have written in detail about here.

At least I am far from being alone in my displeasure on hearing about this. The decision was heavily criticised by the director of the Opera House itself, among many others. There was uproar over the decision, and attempts to disrupt the projections using phone flashlights. I’m not sure how effective this was; those phone lights pale in comparison to the massive hi-tech projectors being used in the stunt. But the thought was there. I appreciate the fact that people were making good use of their phones, rather than using them to annoy me. At this point, it is unclear as to whether this stunt was a once-off blemish, or that this marvel or engineering will become another medium through which companies hawk their crap.

Either way, shame on the ‘sport’ of horse racing, shame on Scrote Morrison, and shame on the marketing hacks that came up with the idea. As ever, I leave it to Bill to sign off on this topic.

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