My Visit from the Ministry of Truth

Yesterday was quite a momentous day. I had my first experience with censorship. My post on anti-vaccers obviously irked somebody, and it was taken down from Facebook. Obviously this page itself remained unaffected, but I found it slightly annoying that it had disappeared from the only social media platform I use, and the main way in which people access this blog. Of course I did repost it, and the incident prompted me to create a Twitter profile, to have another way of sharing ideas. I wonder how long it’ll take me to get censored there? Though in fairness, even far-right loon Alex Jones* is still on Twitter, so it must be very hard to get a slap on the wrist from them.

The feeling of annoyance was shortly replaced by a feeling of pride. Some asshole somewhere out there was annoyed so much that my article was pulled down. Now, I have no idea who it was of course. But they obviously disagreed with me and with the scientific consensus, and took great issue with my points. However, rather than contacting me to debate it (which I would relish), they went crying to mommy instead. Had they not enough conviction in their own opinions to discuss them? Evidently not. But I suppose that’s anti-vaccers for you. Perhaps something deep down inside them tells them that they are so very wrong, and they are afraid to face that nagging fear, so don’t engage in rational debate. The person in question may have rightly surmised that I would be able to refute any point that they would be likely to make, and be more than capable of backing up all of my points with evidence.

The annoyance returned after that. Not so much because my post had been taken down, but because I received no notification from Facebook as to why. I realise that posts can be, rightly, taken down for things like hate-speech or threats. Of course my writing contained no such language. Unless my comment about people purging Vitamin B12 from their system and doing the human race a favour was taken as an actual threat? How does that even work? Is there a group of ‘B12-truthers’ or some other daft bastards like that out there that viewed this comment as a call for genocide? Maybe I’m overthinking this. Regardless, whatever the reason was, I would like that somebody displayed the courtesy of telling me why I had been censored.

Another positive feeling, satisfaction, followed, as I realised that at least people were reading what I was writing. I have to thank all of you who have been doing so. I did start this little project with some degree of trepidation, and it is heartening to know that people are reading it. Thank you for all the comments and feeback, and for sharing. In fact yesterday’s post had been shared by quite a few of you my esteemed readers, so seemingly reached a lot of people. One or more of whom took it quite badly. But it is pleasing to realise that outside of my erudite circle of friends there are other people listening to my meanderings. There are many people following on WordPress and Facebook whom I don’t know. Thank you for reading and sharing.

I had more visits to my site yesterday than any other day so far, and correspondingly more people have read yesterday’s blog post than any of my previous ones. Perhaps that was because I wrote passionately about a very serious issue, rather than venting on more trivial (in the great scheme of things) topics such as umbrellas or phones. Yesterday’s topic may have connected with a lot more people, and the word spread because of it. The stick-it-to-the-man side of me hopes that the attempt at censoring me had the opposite effect. They can’t silence me! [insert triumphant laugh] But seriously, thank you.


*just checked. He’s outspoken against vaccines. There’s a fucking surprise.



It was at this point during my draft writing yesterday that I realised that the post had reappeared. It may have been deleted accidentally, and returned after a period in digital quarantine. I considered scrapping this, or saving it for future use if I was to be censored again. However, seeing as the idea of this blog was to share what on inside my head, I decided to keep it and post it, as it is an example of my thought process. Some of my posts are in reaction to something I have just heard or experienced. Others gestate for a while, and are collated from various notes and drafts. Today’s post is an example of the former, a reaction to something immediate.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and, as ever, thanks for reading.



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