Standing to Attention

When passing a local bus shelter few days ago, I thought I had momentarily taken leave of my senses when my eye caught the notice pictured above. I had to double back and take a closer look to determine whether I'd had a bizarre acid flashback*, but no. My eyes had not been playing tricks … Continue reading Standing to Attention

Rage Against the Sponsors

For a few microseconds earlier this week, I was incredibly excited to hear that one of my all time favourite bands, if not my absolute favourite, were to return Ireland for the first time in ten years. I had only once had the pleasure of seeing Rage Against the Machine, and it ranks as one … Continue reading Rage Against the Sponsors

The Predictable Part of the Aftermath

Writing this late on Monday evening, the election count is almost done. The unexpected surge from Sinn Féin (SF) has completely shaken up the political structure in Ireland, and whatever the outcome may be, this will go down as an historical election. Now that the votes have been (almost entirely) tallied, the focus will shift … Continue reading The Predictable Part of the Aftermath

The Dead Kennedys were Right about Landlords.

My saga with my property agency (parasites) continued this week. Apparently they are claiming I have lived at my current address for just over a year, whereas in actuality it is approaching a depressing five and a half years of lining investor's pockets at my expense. It was the Residential Tenancies Board that informed of … Continue reading The Dead Kennedys were Right about Landlords.

Able I was ere I … didn’t care

I've recently been inundated with ads (on free apps that I use) for a company providing a delivery service for their 'healthy' snack food. Food delivery services are not something I am in the habit of availing of. While they are convenient, they are incredibly wasteful; they generate a whole lot of unnecessary packaging to … Continue reading Able I was ere I … didn’t care