An attempted ousting

Amid everything else going on, this week the elections for the Seanad, the upper house of the Irish legislature, are taking place. Unlike all other forms of election in Ireland, this election is done by postal ballot. Were it an election where voters were required to go to a polling station, it would of course … Continue reading An attempted ousting

The not-weekly feedback session

It's been some time since I've done one of these weekly retrospective pieces, despite initially intending to write them weekly. The world has changed somewhat since that last one a few short weeks ago. I think I might somehow end up with time on my hands to write more over the coming weekends... I started … Continue reading The not-weekly feedback session

A better future in this?

As the number of cases of the corona virus around the world continues to grow, more and more countries are starting to see immense pressure on their health systems. This is no more evident than in Italy and Spain, where the number of deaths are horrifying. It is worth noting here why these two countries … Continue reading A better future in this?

Concern from the Department

On March 12th, the Irish acting government ordered the closure of all schools, universities, private colleges, and every other educational institute as a means of suppressing the spread of the coronavirus. Fair enough. The measure is sensible, and in conjunction with other precautions it has reaped dividends in other countries, notably Korea. English language schools … Continue reading Concern from the Department